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Twenty Five years ago I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a professional Flamenco Dancer. I left my job as an elementary school teacher in Los Angeles, moved to Spain and have never looked back. Despite the odds, financial limitations, lack of support, chronic illness and uncertainty, I’ve always pushed forward with determination and belief in myself and my journey.  The rewards have been plenty. I’ve performed as a soloist in Spain and throughout the US,  I’ve won awards for my dancing, I’m a sought out teacher and choreographer and I’ve helped others connect to their passion for Flamenco. This has been the best decision of my life!

I’m now based in LA and every year I devote at least 1-3 months to studying with teachers that inspire me and taking classes that challenge and help me grow in my art. This summer I’m fundraising to attend three amazing professional development opportunities:
•The Flamenco Festival in Albuquerque, NM.
•The Flamenco and Spanish Dance Program at Jacob’s Pillow

•”Veranos Flamencos” in Madrid, Spain at the world renown school, Amor De Dios.

Thankfully I’ve received a full scholarship to attend the Flamenco Program at Jacob’s Pillow this June, an honor reserved for only 25 dancers nation wide. I’ll be studying with Carmen Ledesma and Carmela Greco, two artists that I greatly admire. To my delight, I’ve also been asked to perform and teach at the festival.

Learning new skills and growing in mastery is a big part of being a professional dancer.  I’m a huge advocate for creativity, the arts and dedicating the time and resources required to be a great artist. If I am to keep creating and giving to my audiences and students it’s vital to replenish and re-inspire myself.  Without this time artist’s run the risk of burnout or worse, they quit. Sadly the arts, including dance is grossly undervalued and still not seen as real work, and professional development is seen as a luxury and not a necessity. Those who’ve tried, or know Flamenco, and have taken a class or performed at any level understand without a doubt that this is WORK! Hours and hours of work. For me it is my life’s work.

I’ve been an independent self-funded artist for the greater part of my career. It’s taken a huge amount of my time, energy, and personal finances to fund my projects and my professional development. It’s a labor of love and I’m happy to do it. Those that know me know that I’ve sold my possessions, my car, my flamenco dresses and in addition written those grant proposals… whatever it took to make it happen.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support. Any amount to keep Flamenco alive in me and through me is greatly appreciated!

Your sponsorship will specifically go towards:



Advanced Repertory – Cantiñas with Bata de Cola with Manuel Liñán: $230

Advanced Repertory – Siguiriya with Palillos with Belén López:  $230

Air Travel: $750
Housing: $520

August 5 – August 31

Classes: $670 (590 euros)
Air Travel: $700
Housing: $900

Grand Total:  $4000

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Upcoming Events


Noche de Tablao

Flamenco Night

with Briseyda Zárate & Co.

Sun, April 21, 2019

6:30 PM

Bootleg Theater

2220 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90057

Tickets : $20-$40


Briseyda Zárate & Company perform a masterful rendition of Flamenco in it’s truest form – The Tablao. Full of rhythm, emotion and skilled improvisation, this inspired ensemble of dancers and musicians will take you on an exhilarating journey deep into the heart and soul of Flamenco.

Purchase tickets at this link:


THE FLAMENCO TABLAO is the most intimate and authentic way to experience Flamenco. The word “tablao” refers to the wood that we so passionately dance on as well as the place where flamenco is performed in it’s most powerful manifestation.

Each month Briseyda will be joined by top musicians, singers and dancers.

Flamenco Night in LA Sold Out In Jan! Next one Feb 17.

“Let the beauty of what you do be what you love” ~ Rumi
Join us for the next

Buy Tickets

The first NOCHE DE TABLAO was sold out and so amazing! Thank you to all who shared with us in the debut of this monthly event. You made it very special and the Bootleg was the perfect place for it – a hidden gem of a theater where you could really appreciate all of the nuances of flamenco up close and personal. Big Oleeee and thanks to the artists who gave 110%. When Jose sang his Fandangos naturales the crowd went wild! And when Andres played for my Tientos it felt like we were one heart beat. I sang one of my favorite songs and original arrangements, “La Llorona Flamenca”…I was told there were tears. The audience was the absolute best part, they blessed us with spontaneous applause and standing ovations through-out the evening. More than half of them where new to Flamenco which is a great thing! There were also some Flamenco Afficionados in attendance and they said they felt like they were in Spain, which is the best review anyone could receive!

I’m fired up for our next Flamenco Night, Feb 17.  
Each month I’ll be joined by top musicians, singers and dancers. This month the artist line-up includes Spanish Singer and Dancer, Manuel Gutiérrez, Guitarist/Composer, José Tanaka and Dancer, Vanessa Albalos.

Tickets are on sale now.
Buy Tickets $25.00

See you then!

p.s. Here are some cool audience photos and a review!

Yours in Flamenco,

“This was a truly 1st rate professional performance, I kept getting goose bumps throughout. I don’t have the chance to see much Flamenco, but I cannot remember having seen any more wonderful and entertaining than this. I’m guessing every move was perfectly executed & flawless. Flamenco is a very beautiful cultural art form that crosses all nationalities & ethnicities & grabs & holds everyone in the same way. All through the show I wanted to dance in the aisle, or at least jump up and yell “Ole!” Beautifully entertaining way to spend an evening, in a small, intimate theatre where you can see the show close up and appreciate all the details and meticulous movements of both feet & hands that you might miss in a larger venue. Would love to see this show again..and again.” – Woody McBreairty
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Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo!


Thank you 2018! May 2019 bless us all with love, prosperity, good health and most of all COURAGE to meet our challenges and live the life that we dream.

I feel like I’ve lived 100 lives this year! There was Sevilla & New York. There was no car on purpose and lots of train rides, metro rides, airplanes, bikes, and walking.  There were fewer possesions and more adventure. There was great students, new friends, new experiences, lots of inspiration, and lots of dancing and singing. As well as healing, illness, loneliness, pain, joy… laughs and many tears.  So many blessings, miracles, and challenges met. Thank you Universe for it all🙏🏽.  Am I ready and willing to do it all again, the answer is without a doubt, Yes!

On that note, I’m starting the year by co-producing and dancing in “Noche de Tablao” – Flamenco Night at the Bootleg Theateron Sunday, Jan. 13.   Thank you for supporting this event! Click here for Tickets .  

All Flamenco classes will begin this Saturday Jan 5. I’ve added a mid week class on Wednesday nights and a 2hr class twice a month on Sunday afternoons.  Click here for class details. 

Last year I started the new year with a free dance challenge, the Flamenco 30 Day Challenge.  This year the challenge will begin on January 5. You can sign up anytime between Jan 5 and Jan 31. All  details to this and more here!

Yours in Flamenco, 
Briseyda Zárate


The stage for a dancer is a magical and sacred space where our  fantasies come to life and and where we celebrate our deepest feelings. The FLAMENCO TABLAO is the most intimate and authentic way to experience Flamenco. The word “tablao” refers to the wood that we so passionately dance on as well as the place where flamenco is performed in it’s most powerful, no-nonsense manifestation. I’m blessed to have a place to be free in this way and excited to share with you in “NOCHE DE TABLAO” happening Sunday, January 13, 6:30pm at the Bootleg Theater. Accompanied by fellow flamencos, singer Jose Cortez, and guitarist Andres Vadin. Tickets are available now .

Click on link to purchase tickets.

Tickets: $25

Do you have a place that that inspires you? What’s your happy place? Where do you feel most free?

Turning Pain Into Gold.


If there was ever a way to turn pain into gold, I have found it. I have struck gold.  Before Flamenco, my pain, grief, sadness, angst were bad…unappealing at best, to me and mostly to others. Highly discouraged feelings by family and society who are obsessed with happiness, unaware of the fact that the happiness we all seek is on the other side of the pain. It is in the feeling of our pain that we make it to the happiness. By shedding a bright light on it is how the darkness dissipates. It is through the public sharing of pain as art that it is relieved. Flamenco is superb for this. 

Suddenly people appreciated, celebrated, stood up out of there seats and clapped when I shamelessly showed my desolation and grief in a Siguiriya or my dire loneliness in a Soleá. When my face cringed, and my feet hit the ground in anger turned into rhythm, I was applauded and once I even won a first place award and a large cash prize for this?? Go figure? Hey, it’s no surprise, when you own, acknowledge and celebrate ALL your feelings, even the so called ugly ones and show them to everyone with nothing to hide, then everyone else also celebrates them. But you must be the first one to approve them or else outside validation will forever elude you. 

Oh and very important, YOU MUST REALLY, REALLY CELEBRATE THE PAIN, BY THIS I MEAN, PUT A FABULOUS DRESS ON IT AND CROWN IT WITH FLOWERS LIKE THE VIRGIN, JESUS AND ALL THE SAINTS ON SEMANA SANTA….OLEEEE!! Your pain is beautiful and deserving of this attention and adoration. Isn’t it cool and outrageous that all that pain that could have destroyed me was transmuted into good and now uplifts and supports me and dare I say others, to the point that I now make a thriving living from it!? Isn’t it cool, isn’t it beautifully ironic, how God works in mysterious ways – not at all a clichè but truth? It is the most magical thing, this phenomenon I coin Flamen-Cura, quite literally,  Flamenco that Heals…this turning pain into gold. 


Briseyda Zárate


I remember a time when I didn’t have the time to catch my breath much less dance.

I was an elementary school teacher living in Echo Park and teaching third grade at Rosemont Elementary. Although I was young, I was stressed out, over weight and over worked. On top of my work load, I had a really needy live in boyfriend, a hyper critical family, a narcissistic best friend and very poor personal and professional boundaries. All this at age 23. I though to myself, “But I’m just starting out in life, how am I ever going to make it!” Truth is I wasn’t going to make it if I kept denying myself the time I deserved to take care of my own needs, desires and dreams. I did not know the meaning of the word no. Instead I strived to please everyone so that I would be liked, and if I was lucky I thought, maybe even loved. I had no time, or more accurately, I did not think I was deserving of the time to do what in my heart I knew I loved, which was very simply to dance Flamenco.

Self-Love is a tricky thing to figure out when you’re brought up to think that it’s something you find outside of yourself through other people’s approval and validation. Dreams are not important, they don’t pay the bills or put food on the table so don’t even bother cause brown Mexicans don’t dream, they work hard jobs that no one else wants to do to make ends meat – is what I was brainwashed to believe. Women, especially women like you, as brown as you are, are born to serve and care take – was the message I received. In retrospect, I had a lot to work through and at 23 I did not have the awareness to know it but I did have Flamenco. And Flamenco is a very strong energetic force with an irresistible pull as strong as the oceans, that has the ability to heal you if you let it. When I danced and when I listened to the guitar and the whaling sounds of anguish come out of a singers stomach, I knew if only on a subconscious level that this was my only hope and my way out of this mess. It was how I was going to step into my power, my Goddess Self and how I was going to, in a very real way, keep alive.

I take this deeper knowing of Flamenco very matter of factly as truth. It goes way beyond learning steps in a studio. It has a profound effect and can change your life. It can be heavy and intense or off the wall ecstatic, but ironically it’s what keeps me Zen – centered and balanced, and what keeps my heart and outlook on life care-free and light as a feather. I will always remember and be thankful for the time when I didn’t have the time if only to remind me that I am worth doing what I love, that I am deserving of my dreams, that my needs are important and that I matter. So do you. So do you.

Yours in Flamenco,