Class Offerings and Descriptions


Intro to Flamenco Workshop

Get ready to dance and become inspired! In this introductory class series I’ll teach you the main techniques of flamenco dance including braceo & floreo (movement of the hands and arms), zapateo (footwork) and palmas (rhythmic clapping). You’ll also learn a short and fun combination using all of these elements. 

*No prior dance experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing to move in and a sturdy shoe. 

Flamenco Hand Claps & Rhythms/ Palmas & Compas

Percussive hand clapping or palmas is the number one way to participate in Flamenco and  be part of the party! It’s also the back bone and flavor of any flamenco song and dance.  In class, we’ll learn to play our hands like percussive instruments. We’ll sit or stand in a circle, family style, and I’ll teach you how to make music and clap out the different rhythms with confidence. You’ll learn the do’s and dont’s and you’ll practice with flamenco song and dance.  You don’t need any special attire or shoes, just bring yourself and come as you are!

Flamenco Singing

An excellent class for flamenco dancers, students and afficionados.  You’ll learn  how to sing the most popular songs for the different dance styles as well as understand the singings role in the dance. Now you don’t need to be a singer or want to be one to learn this — If you’re interested in the dance, this is reason enough to learn the songs because as dancers that’s essential. Also you’re not obligated to sing, you can listen, take notes and soak it all in…Flamenco happens through osmosis as well. You don’t need any special attire or shoes, just bring yourself and come as you are. 

Advanced Technique & Performance Repertoire

If your idea of a good time is sweating through your dance clothes, your feet hurting, your body burning , pushing past your comfort zone and somehow loving it, feeling inspired and tired at the same time, then this is the class for you! Class includes: Braceo, Tabla de Pies, Marcajes, Vueltas, Remates….

Tablao Flamenco Workshop

In this workshop you’ll strengthen your knowledge of how flamenco dance works in it’s most powerful manifestation, the Tablao. We’ll explore structure, the dancers relationship to cante, toque, improvisation and experiment with all the different possibilities. We will be dancing, as well as answering important questions, this will not be a theoretical class. All information imparted will be practical and useful, meant to help you navigate and enjoy your flamenco experience on stage to the fullest.

Advanced students as well as students who are curious, figuring it out and anxious to try and understand are welcomed.

Bata de Cola/ The Long Train Dress

The bata de cola is the long tailed dress and is one of the most beautiful aspects of Flamenco dance. In this class you’ll learn the fundamentals on how to move the bata de cola with good technique, balance, and grace. Short excercises and combinations will be taught. Having a bata de cola is not required. Both women and men are welcomed.

Performance Coaching  and Consulting

If you prefer individualized attention, need help getting your solo together for a performance, or if your project requires professional coaching or consulting services then this is an excellent choice.

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