Flamenco at the Park! 🌳💃🏽🌿

I’m so excited to announce our first live in person Flamenco class at the park this Sunday, followed by a picnic 🌿🧚🏼🌳 and on my Bday weekend! Cheers all around!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Be sure to rsvp by this Friday. It’s going to be a lot good and safe fun! 

If you can’t make it, no worries, you can still join me via zoom, and all participants will receive a recording of the class. 

Intense, passionate, sad, joyful, FLAMENCO!!


Intense, passionate sad faces and emotions are also a central part of Flamenco. In this art we don’t pretend or hide these feelings, we celebrate them!  Which is why this art is so amazing and liberating!

Flamenco Jondo or Deep Flamenco is my heart, and in my Tablao Flamenco Workshop this Thursday I’ll be talking about the Siguiriya rhythm, the most powerful and sadest of them all and one of my very favorites!! 💃🏽🔥.

In this workshop, you’ll  learn how to structure a Siguiriya. The unique parts that distinguish this rhythm, and an overview of the palmas, cante and history.

I’ll also share why it’s important to have one in your repertoire and why it’s perfectly okay to perform it in Tablao. ALSO why it’s so good to know this info even if you don’t dance Siguiriya yet or just to be a good aficionado!!

Here’s the info, I hope you’ll join me! And here’s where you can watch me dancing Siguiriya:

Thursday, August 6
7-9pm pst. via Zoom
Fee: August Special $25…normally $30
$85 monthly….normally $100
Venmo: @Briseyda-Zarate

Join me every Thursday for my TABLAO FLAMENCO WORKSHOP, where I’ll explain how Flamenco Dance really works. These workshop are focused on specific topics and full of important information for Flamenco Dance Students. This is a “theory” class based on my embodied experience and expertise. Take notes, listen, ask questions and learn the secrets of how Flamenco Dance really works!

Online Video Courses

And yes, Flamenco is also about immense JOY!! There’s even a whole rhythm named after it – ALEGRIAS! We also need balance, right??

I have two courses in Alegrias, one for the Bata De Cola or Traje Largo, which is the glorious skirt pictured, and one for a Traje Corto, which is without a Bata de Cola.

In both courses you’ll learn…

  • A Complete Alegrias.
  • Instruction on the rhythm including an overview of the structure, palmas & cante.
  • Pro tips and coaching.
  • Essential Techniques for the Bata de Cola.

In these coarses you’ll  receive a set of instructional videos that you can learn from at your own pace at any time. The coarse is yours to keep forever as long as you have WiFi!

Course Fee:
For my students and newsletter subscribers: $85/each Regular Fee: $125/each
Payable via Venmo to @Briseyda-Zarate
(Please include  your email with payment. Once payment is confirmed you’ll receive the coarse at your email address.)

Please Note: All Sales are Final.
And here is one of my muses, Eva Yerbabuena dancing in a Bata De Cola ❤️❤️❤️


Despite unemployment and the extreme circumstances that we face as artists due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I’ve decided to still make art and what better stage than my city of Los Angeles! This mural by Daniel Cervantes depicting the United Farm Worker’s Union Mexican/Chicano civil rights leader, César Chavez, is in the Mexican neighborhood of Highland Park and is near and dear to my heart. I am a Mexicana/Xicana Bailaora. I come from a family of risk takers, of immigrant people brimming with dreams and courage. I grew up in Delano, Ca, in a farm working family and community from Michoacán, Mexico. Delano is the birth place of the United Farm Workers Movement and I am proud to be a direct result of this struggle for civil rights. With this Flamenco Ofrenda I thank and pay homage to Cesar Chavez for all that he’s done for our Gente! It is because of his and my families sacrifices that I had the freedom to follow my dream to become a professional Flamenco Dancer.

The art of Flamenco is a cry for freedom. It was birthed in Andalusia, Spain from the struggles of Gypsies, African Moors and Sephardic Jews facing racist oppression and annihilation. It is also my cry for freedom. It is how I choose to take up space as a Brown woman and vindicate my struggle. It is a healing journey that I have been called to, to heal the 500 plus years of generational trauma and genocide that I carry in my dna from both my Mexican Indigenous and Gypsy/Moorish ancestors. With my dancing I honor all my ancestors and thank them for the resiliency and beauty that they’ve passed on to me.

If you’d like to make a contribution to my work click here: https://gf.me/u/yg5h9f

If you’d rather offer your support in form of joining an online class, taking a course or booking a Flamenco Serenata feel free to click here for more info! https://briseydazarateflamenco.wordpress.com/classes/

Dance, Choreography & Concept:
Briseyda Zárate @briseydazarate

Daniel Cervantes @arte_de_cervantes

Tiana Álvarez @tiana.alvarez.flamenca

For PBS/KCET Arts Initiative @pbs @kcet

Flamenco Serenades, Beginners Coarse, In Person Classes and more!

“Flamenco Serenata” Now Playing!

6C86A675-081D-46DD-BB6D-BB88EEF6EC44This past weekend I performed in my first  “FLAMENCO SERENATA” social distancing show. The occasion was a surprise birthday!  The birthday girls cheered from their balcony and families looked out from their windows as I danced alone in the patio below. It was so cool and surreal. These are challenging times and it’s important to keep celebrating and connecting in creative ways always prioritizing safety. This was an amazing experience that I will always look back on as one of my most memorable shows and the joy it brought will stay with me forever! ​

For more info and to book your  “FLAMENCO SERENATA”
please send an email to: briseydaflamenca@hotmail.com

Flamenco FunDamentals
Virtual Coarse.


Let’s have some Fun learning the basics of Flamenco dance! Join me for 4 Sundays in which you’ll learn the main techniques of Flamenco dance including  Braceo & Flores (movement of the hands and arms), Zapateado (footwork), Marcajes (marking steps), and Palmas (rhythmic clapping). You’ll also learn a short combination using all of these elements.

Dates:  Sunday, May 24 & 31 & June 7 & 14.
Time: 11am-12pm via Zoom
There will be a play back video of the entire coarse.
Coarse Fee: $85

For further info email: briseydaflamenca@hotmail.com
To reserve your spot please send coarse fee to:  
Venmo: @Briseyda-Zarate
PayPal “friend”: briseydaflamenca@hotmail.com

One on One Lessons in Session!


As of this past weekend I’m teaching one on one classes in addition to online virtual classes.  Here I am with my student Jaime! Social distancing and masks in place of coarse.

For more info click here

To schedule your lesson email me at briseydaflamenca@hotmail.com

Virtual Online Classes Via Zoom Continue.

For more info click here.


We’re going on our second month of virtual classes and the response has been amazing. I want to appreciate everyone who’s come to classes.  Thanks for going on this virtual adventure with me. Most of the time when I’m teaching these days I feel like I’m just talking to a screen but then when I see that you’re really getting it, it makes me so happy! It’s been constant change and adaptation and developing new skills for all of us in a matter of weeks. I want to applaud all the artists who are rising to the occasion, creating community, instruction and inspiration in this new way and to the people who stand by us and keep showing up for us, I am eternally thankful!

To Stay in touch join my mailing list below!
Yours in Flamenco,

Briseyda Zárate 

The Secret of How Flamenco Dance Really Works.

29664FF0-6CB9-4AA5-8A01-B2C53BB7C209Have you ever wondered how Flamenco Dance really works? You can spend years in class learning many steps and not understanding how to put what you’re learning into practice. Why? Because this is not something that’s normally taught in class but is learned on the Job!  This Thursday in my 1 hour TABLAO FLAMENCO WORKSHOP,  I’ll explain to you how you can quickly structure your Baile, no matter what Palo, so that it has all the essential parts, is easy to understand and not overwhelming yet powerful, and best of all can be performed with musicians with no previous rehearsal! This has been my area of expertise for 20 years and I’m excited to share with you! 
This Thursday April 16,
7-8 pm PST, Via Zoom

Registration & Info:

Fabulous Flamenco Newsletter ~ April 2020


Just last month we had an awe-inspiring performance  and an even more amazing show of audience support!  Now more than ever, I want to encourage you to support artists and keep dancing and making room for Flamenco in your life. For me and countless others, Flamenco is an uplifting and stress-relieving practice that is especially useful in these challenging times.  It goes way beyond learning steps and plays a central role in our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being .


This month due the COVID-19 Pandemic, all of my work was abruptly cancelled. This includes all performances and classes which is 100 percent of my livelihood . Millions of professional artists are in this terrifying predicament including many of my own close friends.  I’ve started teaching online and although I cannot hope to recover this month’s lost income entirely, it’s important for me to keep dancing, inspiring and sharing my creativity!  Here’s a Flamenco arm and upper body routine to get you started that you can do from home:


While there is nothing like the in-person connection we enjoy through the arts, I am so grateful for this opportunity to keep connecting with you on-line from your living rooms, kitchen, bathroom or wherever you can keep dancing!
If you’d like to subscribe to my Online Flamenco Studio, take a Virtual Class with me this weekend via zoom or make a small donation to my GoFundMe Campaign, here’s where you can get more info…
Virtual Classes:
Online Flamenco Studio:
I’ve been a professional Flamenco Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer and an active member of the LA Flamenco Comunity for the past 25 years, producing my own work, teaching and mentoring students, providing work opportunities for dancers and musicians and performing for audiences locally, statewide, nationally and internationally. 
Flamenco is what I love most.  I greatly value our role as artists and I’ll continue  to do as much as I can to support you on your Flamenco Journies! 
Yours in Flamenco,
Briseyda Zárate 




Thank You to everyone who joined my virtual classes this weekend ! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 I hope you’ll join me for more next weekend!

Sign up by April 3rd midnight.
⚡️UPDATED Schedule!⚡️

SATURDAY April 4-25
11am-12pm: Palmas & Compas
12:15pm-1:15pm: Cante for Baile
1:30pm-2:30pm: Bata De Cola Technique
(No Bata Required)

SUNDAY April 5-26
11am-12pm: Beginning Technique
12:15pm-1:15pm: Int./Adv Technique
1:30pm-2:30pm: Int./Adv. Choreography

TUESDAY April 7-28
8-9pm: Int/Adv. Choreography


While there is nothing like the in-person connection we enjoy through the arts, I am so grateful for this opportunity to continue teaching virtually online. I know these are challenging times for all and I thank you for continuing to make time for Flamenco in your lives. If you’ve ever taken a class before you know how uplifting Flamenco can be for the body, mind and our spirits. I so appreciate the support this community has shown me, and I will do as much as I can to continue to support you on your Flamenco journies!

Here’s how to join a class….

  1. Download the ZOOM app on phone, tablet, or computer through your Google Playstore or Apple App Store. If you are using your computer, you can download here: https://zoom.us/signup.
  2. Sign up for a class (look at the class schedule below) by sending your class fee via Venmo or Zelle. After it’s received I’ll message you with the code to join our class “meeting”.
  3. Clear a space to move in your home. (garage, balcony, kitchen, bathroom backyard etc.) If you don’t have or can’t wear Flamenco shoes, wear regular shoes.  If you don’t have a wood floor, dance on whichever floor is available.

Thank you and see you in class!

Yours in Flamenco,

Briseyda Zárate



Flamenco Nights L.A. is back on March 8!


FLAMENCO NIGHTS L.A. ~ NOCHES DE TABLAO is back on SUNDAY, MARCH 8 for another heart felt performance at the Bootleg! I’ll be joined by the amazing team of Jose Cortéz, Andres Vadin and Gerardo Morales, and the extra special collaboration of LAS FLAMENCAS FEARLESS.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/noche-de-tablao-flamenco-night-with-briseyda-zarate-co-tickets-94696883929


From School Teacher to Flamenco Dancer.

I get asked a lot if dancing Flamenco is my only job. And I answer proudly, yes, yes it is. It is not my side hustle, I’m no hustler…I’m an artist and I respect this art and this lifestyle completey, in the good and in the bad. It’s been this way since I was 25 and I left my job as a school teacher. It was scary to say the least, but it also felt like the only logical choice. I had a job with benefits, a cute apt. in Echo Park, a man I loved, and the support of family…until I didn’t. Funny how following your dreams and putting yourself first as a Women of Color can feel so threatening to some and trigger such a backlash?! That’s when I understood that following your heart is revolutionary. I remembered the 9 year old child in me who knew that dance would be her life and I just couldn’t let her down. I could not imagine doing something that I didn’t love, that wasn’t actually my life calling, my soul’s purpose. The commitment to my dreams is all I feel I really have, it’s what I know makes me more than a working machine trying to survive. Dreams for me are like oxygen. I keep them alive and they keep me alive. It takes courage and sacrifice but also remember that dreams have a life of their own and if you let them they will guide you and transform you!

FLAMENCO NIGHT With Briseyda Zárate & Co. this Sunday!



Los Angeles based Bailaora, Briseyda Zárate in conjunction with the Bootleg Theater, present a  masterful rendition of Flamenco in it’s truest form – The Tablao. Pushing the limits of
self-expression and moving away from choreographed steps and towards exciting improvisation, Briseyda Zárate & Co. will take you on an exhilarating journey deep into the heart
and soul of Flamenco.

Feel the raw power Flamenco featuring  stirring vocals by Gypsy Singer: JOSÉ CORTÉS.
Virtuoso guitar by:
Soulful Percussion by:
And Passionate Baile by:


Ticket Info:

Venue info: