After a fantastic season in Andalusia Spain, I’m excited to come back to Los Angeles and share all my inspiration with you! Starting Sunday Nov. 10, I’ll be teaching an 8 Week Flamenco Workshop exploring a variety of rhythms, ranging from the Soleá (solitude) to Alegrias (joy). Every class will include thorough instruction in technique, including arm/ body positioning, corporal expression, footwork, turns, and of coarse compas/rhythm excercises and a powerful dose of inspiration!

Advanced Registration begins now and ends on Oct. 25. (This will secure your spot in class and ensure you get the best price!)

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8 week Flamenco Workshop
with Briseyda Zàrate

And for those of you who prefer individualized instruction, a custom made choreography or performance coaching, I’m also offering these at a special rate for the fall/winter season.
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Bata De Cola & Manton


Point By Point
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Advanced Registration until Oct. 25

8 Week Session
8 classes: $175, after $200
16 classes: $300, after $350
24 classes: $400, after $450

4 Week Session
4 classes: $100, after $120
8 classes: $175, after $200
12 classes: $200, after $225

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Enjoying the Journey in Sevilla.


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Yesterday I rode a bike in the early morning all the way to my hot yoga class.  I’m so happy that there’s a hot yoga studio here in Sevilla, (after a week of Oruco’s hard core footwork technique class I really needed a good hot stretch!) I’m also really happy that they have a public bike system and a great bike path here. It’s cooled down quite a bit this week and the morning breeze felt good on my face as I whizzed down Maria Auxiliadora. One of my favorite parts about this ride is passing the Calle Guadalupe where they have a nice big blue azulejo with and image of the Virgen de Guadalupe. I say goodmorning and thank you. It makes me happy to see her.

When I ride by Puerta De La Carne I always think about Juana Amaya and her studio and my time there. I also enjoy riding past the Jardines de Murillo, and then through the Parque de Maria Luisa and it’s big trees. I see lots of horse drawn carriages along the way and that too makes me happy. I like the sound that their hoofs make on the cobble stones and the way these horse drawn carriages co-exist on the busy street with cars and buses. I cross the Puente de San Telmo and admire the Guadalquivir…that will always be a treat for me and will never get old! I park my bike near the studio and I make it to yoga class. I’ve enjoyed the ride thoroughly, maybe even more than the actual yoga class! The old adage holds true… Life is in the journey, not the destination…learn to enjoy the ride!

Flamenco Class with El Oruco:
Flamenco with Juana Amaya:
Hot Yoga:

Hello from Sevilla!


Photo by Paco Tana at La Fiesta De La Buleria, Jerez De La Frontera, 2019.

Hello Everyone!

I’m currently in Sevilla, Spain, performing and studying until the fall/winter season.  A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of dancing  at La Fiesta de la Buleria, under the direction of Maria Bermudez. It was quite a milestone in my career to be a part of such a big festival! Nothing short of a dream come true. To my friends and students back home, I miss you all!  While I’m away, I’m teaching online classes! Just $25/month for a wealth of knowledge. You can learn at your own pace and have unlimited access to all the video lessons. For all the info go to: Online Classes .

Hasta pronto!

Yours in Flamenco,



Falling in Love with Flamenco.


(A photo of my very first performance)

Have you ever tried to learn something new, completely from scratch with absolutely no understanding of it other than when you saw it you felt your heart jump and before you knew it, you were in love?

This is exactly what happened to me the first time I saw Flamenco. Granted I had been a dancer before, but absolutely nothing like this! I was 19, a freshman at UCLA, wet behind the ears and an English Major ( I later majored in Chicana/o Studies and History). I was taking dance classes for fun and met my first flamenco dance teacher, Liliana De Leon. After my tap dance class, I saw her rehearsing and it kind of sounded like tap dancing but looked completely different. I approached her and asked what kind of dancing that was, she recognized me from tap class (I was the only one with white tap shoes) and invited me to one of her performances later that week. The next time I saw her it was on stage in a beautiful red dress performing a “Garrotin”, one of her signature dances I later found out.

Completely ignorant of what I was witnessing, I fell in love with FLAMENCO (It’s true what they say, love is blind). I felt everything you would feel for a lover…butterflies, shy, anticipation, excitement, curiosity, passion, devotion. Well needless to say it was more than a fling for me, from that day on I have always loved flamenco and I haven’t stopped loving it, not even for one day. As I remember all of this, I feel so very blessed to have had this experience and for all the magic it has uncovered in my life.

Now as a teacher, I’m on the other side of this story and have had the opportunity and privilege to inspire this love in others for the first time. The most beautiful thing is to see a room full of individuals expressing themselves creatively. I have the very special job of inspiring and co-creating flamenco dancers. I nurture and awaken in them the curiosity and love for the art…what my first teacher nurtured in me over 20 years ago. Many of my students have jumped into the fire and become professionals, surrendering to their passion for Flamenco and becoming the FIRE.


Hello all. This weekend I’ll be teaching an impromptu mini-90 min Bulerias workshop in San Diego hosted by PALOMA CENTRO DE ARTE FLAMENCO. So looking forward to dancing with you and sharing all that I know about this exciting rhythm!

The class will take place this Saturday August 3rd from 12:30-2 pm. Class fee is $30. Please RSVP at or call to reserve your spot 858-344-7014.

See you then!

Photo by Christopher Duggan
For the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival


In Flamenco, the Tablao is the most intimate of performance spaces where both the artists and audience get to experience its magic head on. We had a lot of magic in this past Sundays show! How is this magic created? Is it all improvised? Are questions I get alot.

There are things that you will not learn in a regular class and this is one of them. You will most likely learn technique and choreography which is great…I teach this too, it’s important, but it is not where this road ends. This is a good place to begin but should not be the end all of your experience. Knowing how it all works together in relationship to you as the dancer….the singing, the guitar, the palmas, is what Flamenco is at it’s most beautiful and essential state. This goes beyond the realm of technique and choreography.  It is next level and it is not necessarily difficult. It just needs to be taught and practiced.  You are no longer limited to choreographies and worried about excessive rehearsal. You potentially have the ability to be free and open to inspiration on stage while working within a structure that holds everything together like glue. By learning and practicing certain principals of how Flamenco works for the last 25 years, I’ve been able to perform many times without having met the musicians, singers and dancers prior to performance. Why? Because this is a universal language that applies everywhere and to everyone who knows flamenco. YOU CAN dance flamenco anywhere so long as you understand it’s secrets.

This Saturday I’ll be hosting my TABLAO FLAMENCO WORKSHOP where I’ll teach you just that.  You don’t need to have it all figured out to attend this workshop, if you’re just curious about how it works, that’s good too. Wherever you find yourself on your flamenco journey is good. This is information everyone needs to know and will benefit from. We’ll be putting into practice everything we learn so absolutely bring your flamenco shoes!

To sign up click on my website link here or see flyer!

For more info on this and other classes feel free to write me at

Thank You!

Flamenco Night July 21!



NOCHE DE TABLAO in all it’s glory is back at the Bootleg Theater on Sunday, July 21! Featuring an amazing lineup of artists

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Read a review of our last performance in the LA Dance Chronicle! 

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now”: A night of Flamenco at the Bootleg Theatre.

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