Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo!


Thank you 2018! May 2019 bless us all with love, prosperity, good health and most of all COURAGE to meet our challenges and live the life that we dream.

I feel like I’ve lived 100 lives this year! There was Sevilla & New York. There was no car on purpose and lots of train rides, metro rides, airplanes, bikes, and walking.  There were fewer possesions and more adventure. There was great students, new friends, new experiences, lots of inspiration, and lots of dancing and singing. As well as healing, illness, loneliness, pain, joy… laughs and many tears.  So many blessings, miracles, and challenges met. Thank you Universe for it all🙏🏽.  Am I ready and willing to do it all again, the answer is without a doubt, Yes!

On that note, I’m starting the year by co-producing and dancing in “Noche de Tablao” – Flamenco Night at the Bootleg Theateron Sunday, Jan. 13.   Thank you for supporting this event! Click here for Tickets .  

All Flamenco classes will begin this Saturday Jan 5. I’ve added a mid week class on Wednesday nights and a 2hr class twice a month on Sunday afternoons.  Click here for class details. 

Last year I started the new year with a free dance challenge, the Flamenco 30 Day Challenge.  This year the challenge will begin on January 5. You can sign up anytime between Jan 5 and Jan 31. All  details to this and more here!


Yours in Flamenco, 
Briseyda Zárate


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