Turning Pain Into Gold.


If there was ever a way to turn pain into gold, I have found it. I have struck gold.  Before Flamenco, my pain, grief, sadness, angst were bad…unappealing at best, to me and mostly to others. Highly discouraged feelings by family and society who are obsessed with happiness, unaware of the fact that the happiness we all seek is on the other side of the pain. It is in the feeling of our pain that we make it to the happiness. By shedding a bright light on it is how the darkness dissipates. It is through the public sharing of pain as art that it is relieved. Flamenco is superb for this. 

Suddenly people appreciated, celebrated, stood up out of there seats and clapped when I shamelessly showed my desolation and grief in a Siguiriya or my dire loneliness in a Soleá. When my face cringed, and my feet hit the ground in anger turned into rhythm, I was applauded and once I even won a first place award and a large cash prize for this?? Go figure? Hey, it’s no surprise, when you own, acknowledge and celebrate ALL your feelings, even the so called ugly ones and show them to everyone with nothing to hide, then everyone else also celebrates them. But you must be the first one to approve them or else outside validation will forever elude you. 

Oh and very important, YOU MUST REALLY, REALLY CELEBRATE THE PAIN, BY THIS I MEAN, PUT A FABULOUS DRESS ON IT AND CROWN IT WITH FLOWERS LIKE THE VIRGIN, JESUS AND ALL THE SAINTS ON SEMANA SANTA….OLEEEE!! Your pain is beautiful and deserving of this attention and adoration. Isn’t it cool and outrageous that all that pain that could have destroyed me was transmuted into good and now uplifts and supports me and dare I say others, to the point that I now make a thriving living from it!? Isn’t it cool, isn’t it beautifully ironic, how God works in mysterious ways – not at all a clichè but truth? It is the most magical thing, this phenomenon I coin Flamen-Cura, quite literally,  Flamenco that Heals…this turning pain into gold. 


Briseyda Zárate

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